Sunday, October 24, 2010

Voted Best New Gallery!!!!

"Launched in the space formerly occupied by the Miller Weitzel Gallery, Wall Eye has quickly established itself on the scene with a busy schedule of shows featuring terrific contributors, among them painter Ken Nevadomi and woodcut printmaker Claudio Orso-Giacone. Its founders — five artists and two aficionados — have kept the emphasis off themselves, reaching out instead to the people whose work they admire. They've also presented lectures, like one recent talk by a local curator on the works of 16 local artists on the rise. It's how a gallery can be more than just stuff to look at; it can be a conversation starter unto itself."

This Friday!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Pinkeye Book of Collage

Friday night @ The Walleye Gallery, Pinkeye Magazine unveiled they're newly & 1st published book, The Pinkeye Book of Collage...The night was nothing short of another amazing & successful art opening @ The Walleye Gallery. I welled up with pride as i entered the gallery full of Cleveland Cleveland artists...what a diverse & outstandingly talented sight! The Pinkeye Book of Collage couldn't be more impressive... One 1/2 of The Cleveland Art Riot among other Cleveland artists are displayed in the book, this is awesome! It seriously is a must have, i have owned one for about 15hrs now & continue to praise its awesomeness!If you didnt make it to the show the books are on sale :
Big Thanks to Pinkeye, Walleye, and all those who supported & came to the show!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dante Rodriguez at
or call 440.320.1639

Cleveland – On Friday January 22nd , 2010, Wall Eye Gallery will present Boldfigures works by Hannah Verbeuren, Ken Nevadomi, Dante Rodriguez, Barbara Konrad, and Claudio Orso-Giacone as part of Wall Eye’s latest exhibition. Boldfigures is a group show of artists from the northeast Ohio region working in photography, painting, drawing, and printmaking who use the human figure as their main subject or inspiration for their work. The human form has always captivated artists’ imagination as a source for storytelling or to express inner emotions and ideas that provide meaning or insight to their works of art. This collection of paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs display a strong emphasis on the human form or animal figure through exaggerated forms, bodily actions, or boldly delineated lines by the whim of the artist’s brushstrokes. Whether searching for personal meaning, documenting current state of affairs, or expressing everyday life, these artists share the recognition of the endless possibilities and potential of the human figure.

WALL EYE GALLERY is located in the Gordon Arts Square District on Cleveland's west side. We are a collective of 7 artists and art aficionados who want to be part of an ever-growing and exciting Cleveland arts scene. We intend to showcase established and emerging young artists working in all kinds of styles and mediums from the Cleveland region and beyond by offering a monthly rotating exhibition schedule. With a collaborative spirit, we want to provide a venue where artists can grow, inspire, provoke, and be themselves. The gallery aspires to keep the momentum of an artistically-rich environment in Cleveland!

Wall Eye Gallery - 5304 Detroit Ave Cleveland, Ohio 44102 - 216.640.7769
For more info please visit or

January 22 – February 7, 2010
Works by Hannah Verbeuren,
Ken Nevadomi, Dante Rodriguez,
Barbara Konrad, and Claudio Orso-

Curated by Dante Rodriguez
Presented by Wall Eye Gallery
Opens on Friday, January 22, 2010
Artist Reception 6pm – 11pm

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wall Eye Gallery's 1st of many amazing openings to come!

Wall Eye Gallery
5304 Detroit Ave
Cleveland, OH

November 20th, 2009 - December 13th, 2009

November 20th 6pm - 11pm

Hours: Saturday, November 21st 12pm - 6pm

Sunday, November 22nd 12pm - 5pm

STELLAR SHOW: Unseen Realities @ Lowlife

The Cleveland Art Riot recently attended an amazing art opening on Cleveland's Lowlife Gallery on Waterloo. The Talented duo that graced us with thier works were Andrew Shondrick & Adam Hoskins. This work is stellar...We advise everyone to check this show out!
Thru the end of November!

Low Life Gallery. 16001 Waterloo Road, Cleve-O

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cleveland Art Riot Presents: Cleveland Art Riot

Cleveland Art Riot is proud to announce their latest and wrap-up show for 2009, "Cleveland Art Riot presents: Cleveland Art Riot" at Revival and Square Records in Akron.
Opening night and reception will be Saturday, September 12, 2009.

After a successfully artistic year the Cleveland Art Riot is taking their creative minds to Akron, OH. Based in the Cleveland metropolitan area, Cleveland Art Riot is proud to express their art on the loving walls of Revival and Square Records, located on Market Street in the Highland Square neighborhood. This time around the duo will be creating work that inspires them as a team. Kerry explains her inspiration, "My work will be all about color, the brighter the better! I want the pieces to be beaming off the walls with a tremendously colorful energy and distinction. My painting is greatly inspired by the 60’s love of plastic d├ęcor and the loud, mod color palette." Hannah begins her inspiration with a word, "Journey." she continues, "I'm creating art for this show as an expression of the journey. The journey inspires us, drives us and takes us. I love the journey and I want it celebrated in my imagery."

Kerry Lange and Hannah Verbeuren started Cleveland Art Riot as a mean to create a different approach in independent art shows. As a team they intend to keep their work and subject matter fresh and contemporary. Friends both creatively and personally for many years, Cleveland Art Riot has become Kerry and Hannah’s artistic excursion. “We want to keep ourselves and our audience interested or inspired” says Hannah, “by choosing a focus for each show then creating art around that theme, we initiate a challenge for ourselves and the artists we chose to work with. For us, this formula is more stimulating than simply compiling a regurgitation of our past work.”